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Here Are All The LIFE CHANGING BENEFITS You Receive With The Founders Mastermind

  • 4 Days of LIVE, Virtual Immersion Experiences with DONE WITH YOU Implementation
  • ​The Exponential Growth Trifecta Coaching Package
  • ​3 Insane Bonuses, Available Only During This Success Summit 2020!
  • $23,648.00 of Value!!

#1 - Four (4) Days of Live Virtual
Immersion Experiences! - Value: $9,995

Immersion Experience One: Technical Training Part 1

Date: Thursday October 22, 2020

Immersion Experience Two: Digital Marketing Mastery

Date: Thursday, December 10, 2020

Immersion Experience Three: Technical Training Part 2

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021

Immersion Experience Four: Consultative Sales Training

Date: Thursday, 
May 13, 2021

Immersion Experience #1: How To Represent Your 1040 & Schedule “C” Clients (Technical Training Part 1)

  • How to calculate CSEDs and Tax Transcripts
  • ​How to Determine the Best Settlement Options for Clients
  • ​How to Prepare, Submit and Negotiate an Offer in Compromise
  • ​How to complete a 433-A and 433A-OIC in Your Client’s Best Interest
  • ​How to Prepare, Submit and Negotiate the 3 Different Types of Installment Agreements (and when to use Currently Non-Collectible “CNC”)

Immersion Experience #2: Done with You Digital Marketing Mastery

  • ​Set up Facebook ads and Google ads account 
  • ​Best performing Keywords and ad copy 
  • ​Help with launching your Facebook ads campaign
  • ​Optimization strategy on Website and Landing page

Immersion Experience #3: How To Represent Your 941 Business Payroll Tax Clients!

  • ​How to resolve in-business vs. out-of-business 941 Payroll Tax Cases 
  • ​How to Resolve the Related Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP) Case 
  • ​How to Remove or Reduce Penalties 
  • ​When and how to use an OIC versus other collection alternatives to resolve the case 
  • ​Advanced Resolution Strategies

Immersion Experience #4: Consultative Sales Training

  • ​The precise words to use at the beginning of the interview and why to use them 
  • ​The exact sales process from beginning to end that leads naturally and easily to close
  • ​How to ethically read and control your prospects’ mind Practice interviews where you will go through the entire client “interview process” stealthily completing the 433-A 
  • ​What to do to get each and every client to write a check, or get a credit card that day 
  • ​How to handle the most challenging objections including “I don’t have any money"

#2 - Exponential Growth Trifecta! - Value: $4,995

Growth #1

Two (2) 30-minute PRIVATE calls with The Roz Man

Get coached by Michael Rozbruch, The Roz Man, himself and get the clarity you need and get laser-focused on what to do RIGHT NOW.

Growth #2

Two (2) “Open” call-in days. 

You get a special phone number to call, and when you get through, you get 15 minutes with me where I will help you breakthrough your number one challenge.)

Growth #3

Four (4) group Mastermind zoom sessions with Hot Seats

(In my $20,000 Platinum Mastermind group, members consistently tell me, “I got just as much value from watching the OTHER hot seats as I did from mine!”) Dates to be determined.

FAST ACTION! Exclusive Bonuses

BONUS #1 - Diamond Membership (12 Months) - Value: $5,964

  • Quick start Program: 8 Weeks to $10K Rocket Launch Blueprint
  • ​Saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of time 
  • ​Hand holding on technical, marketing and operational 
  • ​Helps you establish your brand online – so you can be found online 
  • ​Copy and Paste Our Proven Marketing Campaigns 
  • ​Ready to Use Sales and Practice Management Resources

BONUS #2: Radio Advertising "Flood Of Leads" System!! - Value: $1,997

  • ​Proven ad copy: Ready-to-use ads including 6 PROVEN Radio Scripts
  • ​Radio Lead Generation Success Masterclass! (September 30th, 2020 @11am PST, 2pm EST) 
  • "Little Black Book" Of Radio Advertising Secrets to get even more response
  • ​How to buy and negotiate with radio stations
  • ​How to get the station to produce your all your commercials for FREE

Bonus #3: Ticket to Next Years Event!  - 
Value: $697

Join us for Next Year's Tax Resolution Success Summit (August 26-28, 2021)


When I enroll in the FOUNDER'S MASTERMIND today, and save $3,057 and pay only $995.00 for 12 months to get access to Four Full Days Immersion Experiences and Exponential Growth Trifecta. Or by making one investment of $9,995, I will save an additional $1,954. AS AN ADDED BONUS, I will receive the Diamond Insider Circle Membership for 12 months, Radio Advertising "Flood Of Leads“ Program (VALUE $1,997), and a Free Ticket to Next Year’s Tax Resolution Success Summit 2021 (VALUE $697) TOTAL VALUE = $23,648.00

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